Announced and Projected Dividend

Hi Evan,

Are these 2 mutually exclusive? If they are, shouldn’t both be added into “future dividends” (in reports, charts etc) instead of just the projected? Reason for this is I see zero on “future dividend” for current year of my SSB as that future/unpaid dividend has been categorised under announced dividend in the system. Or did i missed anything?

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Yes, they are mutually exclusive.
See the definition here →

Which “future dividends” did you mean? Or did you mean “Dividends Projected (based on PayDate)” in the report page?

Where are you seeing this?


Sorry Evan - false alarm. I just checked again and both teh announced and Projected div are nicely summed up on the Dashboard Dividend chart now. Maybe it’s my browser cache not updating previously.

Btw for the sake for clarity, I believe the term “Projected Dividend” in Dashboard is actually the summation of Announced Dividend and Projected Dividend shown in teh Portfolio Dividend tabs, right? Thus I refer this summation as “Future Dividend” jsut to differentiate.

No worries.

Yes, I agree. After your message, I was thinking the same thing. I will consider changing it to “Future Dividend”.

on second thought maybe these naming?
Announced Dividend → Announced Dividend
Projected Dividend → Expected Dividend
Future Dividend → Projected Dividend (Since it refers to current year projection, future can be misleading)

I think due to legacy flipping the definition will cause more confusion. I have decided to use the term Estimated Dividends for “Projected + Announced”.

i just saw that. agree. i noticed you put actual and estimated div bars side-by-side instead of stacking up now (Dashboard). Personally i prefer the previous stacking up cause it gives me one glance of year-end total estimation. but i guess you are trying not to mislead people as the “projected div” may or may not be complete.

Hmm… That was not my intention. They should stack. Let me see what is the issue.

Found the issue. Fixed. Please verify.

looks good now!

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