Any better way to re-organize Watchlist?


Any better ways to re-organize the individual counters within a Watchlist instead of individually “moving” a counter up/down one by one?


Used to struggle w that issue too, but I stopped using watchlist for tracking metrics. Now mostly updating watchlist to track for iassist.

You mean another better way to move things around? Any suggestion?
I think one easy implementation will be to allow users to directly edit the Order column.

Yeah that would be good actually…

And/or allow to drag/drop each counter along the list?

Drag and drop might be tough… Need the proper UI support

Then I guess being able to directly edit the order column would be the best “fix” at the moment?

Yes, although it would not be perfect, it will most likely be consistent across all devices and platform.

Btw, can you create a ticket here for trackability? =>