Any work around for entering UMDV?

Just signed up for the trial & got stuck trying to enter UMDV, I suppose because it is not on one of the supported exchanges currently. Is there any practical workaround for tracking this? Think it is probably the only stock that I can’t enter a transaction for so it would be a great pity if it proves to be a showstopper…

Where is this listed?

The only alternative is having this in other assets → StocksCafe

Non supported exchanges are hard because StocksCafe are basically blind to them

Thanks for the reply. It is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange (AEB on IBKR). It is the UCITS version of IHI, the iShares US Medical Devices ETF if that is helpful in any way.

Yes, the key would be to increase / improve Dashboard to show more performance metrics as it is the place where it attempts to combine everything (stock portfolio, other assets and options)