Anyone using IBKR would like volunteer?

Hi all,

StocksCafe is now trying to integrate with various brokerage APIs so that you can simply sync up your brokerage transactions instead of manually entering them. We have done it for TD Ameritrade and is targeting IBKR next. But since we do not have IBKR account, we would need volunteers to help us with it.

Who you should be

  1. Already have IBKR account
  2. Willing to give Read Only access to StocksCafe to your IBKR account
  3. Preferably have wide variety of transactions with IBKR so that I know if I have handled different transactions type.
  4. Willing to work with me and give me feedback on the process.



Sadly, I use Tiger Brokers and am not able to help out in this aspect. Liked this post as it’s really a good idea and would love it to be integrated into SC.

Hope a kind soul can help out too!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, whenever you have chance to feedback to Tiger, please tell them about how IBKR and TD Ameritrade have APIs for third party to integrate. Hopefully, Tiger will release such APIs soon too.

p/s: I did mentioned it to Tiger already but guess need more to keep repeating it!

I’m up for it. Sign me up!

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Thanks! When it is time to integrate with this API, I will reach out again.

Yes, I’d like to volunteer for IBKR integration. I’ve stocks and options.

Great. I will reach out when I am working on the integration.

Hi Evan, would be happy to help! Would love to help out on the dev side too if needed :slight_smile: but regarding notifications, I’m not sure how to get email alerts if I do get directly messaged, is there a way to enable it?

Great! Will reach out when I am working on the IBKR thingy then.

You can set them here →