Anyone want to discuss about First Reit AW9U

First Reit is very cheap already. However, I wonder whether it is still fundamentally strong or not? Cheap but good time to buy it now? Any one can discuss with me? Hope Kenny can see my questions and give me some confidence (I hold around 1400 SGD in First REITs since last month’s webinar) ~ from Ivan, a fan of Kenny

Hi Ivan, I am not able to provide individual stock advice in the public as I am a licensed financial advisor. The following investment guideline may be helpful to you:
(1) Focus on your long term investment objective
(2) Trust your own homework (provided you have attended proper training and know how to conduct proper REIT evaluation by understanding the actual meaning of the financial ratios and REIT business model).
(3) Ignore all the market noises (you must know how to differentiate what are noises, what are guesses, what are opinions, what are the facts, what are the speculations…)
(4) Diversify your portfolio properly.



Hi Kenny, thanks for your comments. I have learned your webinar and it was very helpful. My healthcare REITs (which is First REITs) only accounts for around 10% of my total portfolio. I analyzed this REIT’s fundamental and latest released report. I think I got the answer I want. Maybe I am just trapped by the short-term noise and got blind. Thanks for the webinar and looking forward to more fantastic courses!

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Hi Ivan, I bought First Reit last year at $1.10. Now that the price has dropped. Am thinking of buying more to average down the price. But am worried about the rest running into insolvency issues should the Covid situation persist longer. Would love to hear from you.

Hi Andrea,
Have you heard about the issued rights by First Reit? Did you manage to get it?