Anyone worry about the impact from Brexit?

Anyone worry about the impact from Brexit?

With china side slowing down already impacting SG

No. But I am not employed nor living in the UK.

Singapore is in the process of finalising a trade agreement with the EU, which is probably more important.

The UK will presumably carry on with the same trading conditions as now.

Yup. I heard friends who are employed in the financial sector in London but likely to go out of job there due to Brexit. Not sure about the details though.

Eyeing some UK stocks but holding off due to potential unknown fallout from Brexit.

care to share?

Brexit is a concern in UK as people are losing jobs over there. It is likely to affect SIngapore too as it would lead to lesser amount of investment in Singapore from UK which in turn will lead to higher costs and lower profits for the British firms to expand their businesses in Singapore and vice versa. Tourism is also likely to be affected.

No. UK is not a growing economy anyway. Next 30 years will be dominated by the emerging markets, mainly in Asia and South America. EU will enjoy the cheaper talent from the new East European countries. I think Singapore is nicely positioned to take advantage of the growth with the new trade agreements with EU, and the fastest growing economies like China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines. The world will be quite different 30 years later.