[App] Current pnl does not match with stocks

Hi Ivan,

I noticed that in the app, under portfolio—> current—>overall. The pnl is different from when I click into the stock and look at the transactions. I believe the one under stocks details is correct.



Did you mean that [App -> Portfolio -> Current -> Overall] is not matching with [App -> Stock -> Transactions -> P&L + Div]?

I am suspecting you might be looking at [App -> Stock -> Transactions -> P&L] instead. I guess maybe I should change Overalll to P&L + Div to be more precise.


Sorry Evan, got your name wrong in last post.

I am looking at pnl + dividend for both. Some of the numbers tallies while some do not. In my portfolio, MAGIC and G3B do not tally up for overall against the stocks transaction page for example.