ASCOTT Trust (SGX:HMN) upcoming dividend not reflected

Hi Evan,
Just wondering why ASCOTT TRUST (HMN) upcoming dividend payout on the 10FEB 2020 is not updated.
It seems that the old ticker symbol for ASCOTT REIT (A68U) reflects this.
Perhaps the change in ticker codes that occurred on the 2nd of JAN this year needs updating?

The distribution you are referring to was made under the counter A68U to its unitholders.

The new counter HMN, created by the merger with AHT, has not yet made any distributions. It would be incorrect to assign the distribution to it.

Thank you for the explanation. However, as a unitholder of ASCOTT shares since 2016, I’m unsure what to input and update in my portfolio for the sake of accuracy.
Do I input
A68U or HMN in my portfolio?
I’m a novice so any advice would be great!


I suggest making a sell transaction on the last day of trading for A68U, the close price was 1.33.

And a buy transaction on 02.02.2020 for HMN at 1.33 which was the opening day close.

Your A68U will end up in the “closed” transactions along with the distributions, P&L and stats.

And HMN will be shown in your current holdings.

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