Ausnet Services


I couldn’t find Ausnet services in Stockscafe? Is this stock not included?

It is there but something seems weird. Will check upstream.

Hmmm… Wait… Or is the Ausnet Services you mention listed in Australia Exchange? If so, then I am sorry. StocksCafe supports SGX, KLSE, HKEX and US exchanges only for now. (Actually also partly supports London Exchange).


Ausnet Services is listed in Sgx. Temasek holding is one of the main shareholder of this company.

What is the ticker? I checked and seems like also got nothing in Yahoo =>

Hi evankoh, on further check, it seems that the Ausnet is listed in ASX and the Ticker is AST.AX. So that’s why is not listed.

I see. Sorry, ASX is not supported by StocksCafe at this moment. No concrete plans to support it in the near future.