Auto password option not showing in Safari - mobile version

Hi, I am trying to use the mobile version of the site in Safari. But I am not getting the option to choose my login and PW from saved passwords in iPhone. This works in Chrome though.
Now that the app is going to be defunct, it would be very helpful if resolved.

Hi there,

This might be hard to resolve given that it is browser specific.

I would suggest to maybe switch to using Google login? So that you do not need to remember passwords even in browsers (which would not work when you change computers)


Thank you for the response.
Actually Safari allows to save the page to HomeScreen so I can open it like an app. Otherwise everytime I need to goto the bookmark or type in the url to access the website.

It will be great if this can be resolved.

Okay. I will take a look at it to see if I can see what is the issue but might take some time. I do not even have an iphone to test this :frowning:

ps: So, the easy workaround is switch to using Google Login which you should be able to do in Safari as well.

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I’ve noticed this too (both on Safari and Chrome on iOS, the login username and password fields don’t seem to be recognised as login fields). So the auto fill options so not come up.

Not sure if these links are helpful:


Thanks for the link but the mobile web is not implemented in HTML :slight_smile:

Seems like this is a known issue →

However, it is not fixed yet :frowning:

Ah…no wonder iCloud Keychain doesn’t work…

I have an iPhone SE lying around. I can pass it to you for your testing. You can PM me if interested.

Seems like a lot of users are having this issue. However, as mentioned, it is kinda outside of my control.

What I would recommend is simply switch to using Google Login instead of a username/password login.

My existing login is not using google, if I switch to google login, it’s an entirely new identity/profile.

Ah… Let me write a quick article on how to connect it properly.

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Hi Evan. I note that you are recommending Google login. If I’m perfectly fine with username and password, would I be forced to move to Google? My problem is that Google’s 2FA is troublesome on iPhone, so I rather keep my username and password method.

Sorry for not being clear in the article. Yes, it is perfectly fine to stick with username & password.