Auto-Sync Transactions with tiger brokers

Hi @evankoh,

  1. Can I check if Auto-Sync Transactions with tiger brokers are still in the pipeline since the auto sync with uSmart has been deprecated?

  2. I’m looking forward to this feature and would use tiger brokers more often if it is implemented. Also, will it be available to users who created tiger brokers account before the tiger broker x stockscafe collaboration was up?

Auto-Sync Transactions
Personally, I trade options regularly and manually entering options trades is definitely a pain since it has more fields (i.e. strike price and expiry date) than normal buy/sell transactions.

Although it is not released yet, we are actually currently working with Tiger brokers’ engineers to set up auto-sync with them (just like with uSmart) so there is no need to manually enter trades if you use Tiger brokers.

Hi @kendo

Yes, we still want to auto-sync with Tigers. Sorry, it got delayed because I am working on other things.

As I have yet to do implement, I am not sure if they would only allow users I referred or anyone. For uSmart, they only allowed users I referred :frowning:


Great to know it’s still in the plans!

Didn’t understand why uSmart allowed only users you referred to have auto sync, maybe you can raise this with tiger brokers to support why it should be made available to all users and increase the likelihood of success for this collaboration to auto sync transactions.

Additionally, if it’s available to existing tiger broker users like us, I would be more than willing to transact on tiger brokers as one of my primary brokers (albeit not exclusively, but definitely more).

Thank you!

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