Base currency in transactions not updating



Noticed recently whenever I add a transaction for a stock trading in USD, If i leave the FX rate blank to use the default, base currency (SGD) does not update correctly. Is this intended?

If I remember correctly, it used to auto update. Will this affect the FX in the portfolio overview?


Thank you for reporting. Yes, you are right. It should auto update to use StocksCafe FX rate which is 1.33439 in the given example.

And yes, it will affect the FX in portfolio overview in the wrong way.

Let me work on fixing that.


Done. I have released a patch to prevent the “Total in Base Currency” from auto complete when FX rate is not there.

Thanks again for reporting!

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Thanks for the prompt fix! Will the past transactions I have entered previously with this issue be corrected backend? Or will I have to edit the affected transactions?

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You can go back and check them. But based on my investigation, they should be fine.