Brokerage without dividends handling fee


Im currently using POEMS to invest in Singapore shares to receive dividends.
And they charge a dividend handling fee 1% on dividends received.

Qns: Are there any brokerage to recommend that does not charge a dividend fee?

Hi Jeremy,

Most brokerages I know are not charging dividend handling fees.

e.g. uSMART, Tiger and Moomoo


ps: My views might be biased as StocksCafe have collaborations with them

I use UOB Kay Hian and they don’t charge a dividend fee. All brokers that put your bought Singaporean shares into your own CDP account will not charge any ongoing fees. The reason is that you deal with CDP directly. CDP itself does not charge any fee for passing on your dividends.

However, the commission fees of these CDP linked brokers are (a lot) higher as POEMS and most other brokers. So, in the end it depends a bit on how often you trade and how long you keep shares in portfolio.

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