Bug in PnL%?

I think there is a bug in PnL% and PnL+Div% calculation under ALLOCATION tab. It seems to be calculating the % using Current Value as the base.

Hi there,

It is not a bug but a feature :slight_smile:

You can actually choose between cost base or current value.

This url will help you choose cost based → Portfolio's Stock Distribution


Hi Evan, I noted the feature to switch between Cost base or Current value to see the % change accordingly.

What i meant for potential bug was: In ALLOCATION tab, when i look at individual stocks in the Sector i defined, I noticed some shares’ PnL% is -299.7% for example. Error?

Hi Kevin,

I see what you are saying.

I suppose you mean that when you use value based, the P&L percentage change can be >100%.

The formulae of P&L % change (when in value based mode) = P&L / current value
Hence it is totally possible that P&L > current value. As such, I believe you are right. Only allocation should change dynamically based on the chosen factor of Cost based or Value based but P&L% should always be = P&L / Cost since P&L itself is based on cost.

Will make the change shortly.


Done. Pushed the changes. Please verify. Thanks!

Looks good now! Thanks Evan.

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