Calculating XIRR across asset classes


I understand StocksCafe currently does not have a way to compute XIRR across asset classes. Could I ask the forum members how do you calculate your XIRR across asset classes? Do you use Excel to calculate each asset class, and apply some weightage based on their proportion of your portfolio to come up with the final figure? Thanks!


I am not sure what you meant by XIRR across asset classes. If you give me clear example, we can try to get it into StocksCafe.


Hi Evan,

Thanks for getting back. I think the following webpage expresses well what I’m trying to do:

I have holdings across unit trusts, stocks, crypto etc., and hope to find out the total XIRR across all these assets. As a function I think it sits best at the dashboard page of StocksCafe, letting me know my return across all the asset classes I’m vested in. Hope this clarifies!

If this function is not yet available in StocksCafe, I can log a ticket? Other than that, I’m just interested how forum members generally calculate their returns across asset classes. Thanks!

Hi Gideonho,

Yes, you are right. This would sit most nicely on Dashboard. I do not think it is available in Dashboard yet. If you like, please log a ticket :slight_smile:


Understand that this was discussed 2 years ago. May I ask if this feature has been rolled out ?

Unfortunately, this has not been rolled out :frowning:

There are some scattered interest in XIRR across asset classes and truth is, it is not easy and likely not accurate given that Other Assets will value change will be given by users.

So, either user is spending effort in updating it which is not easy or computation is not accurate.

Also, focus on StocksCafe is still on helping users maintaining their Stocks that are listed in exchanges.

For other asset, user is able to enter recent value that will price the asset at certain timeframe. It will be responsibility of user to enter recent value if they are keen to calculate XIRR across asset classes. This is especially useful to gauge the portfolio holding. User cannot expect the accurately of the computation to be very accurate as this is part of other asset which is not feasible for Stockscafe to extract the price for other asset.

I also feel that this is a good feature to have. StocksCafe can have option for user to decide whether they are to compute XIRR across asset classes or not.