Can cash be included as part of portfolio?

I’d like to know if cash can be added onto the charts on the portfolio chest, just so I can see what percentage of my portfolio is cash? Is there any way to view this now?

Yes, you can start tracking your cash if you activate this setting ->

Sorry what I meant was whether cash can be included as part of the portfolio chart so I know how much percentage of cash I am holding as part of the whole portfolio. I’d also expect the percentage of every holding to change but this is important as I want the cash component to be adjusted according to my risk appetite

For that, there is an open issue for that which I intend to work on soon. Likely this weekend.

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Awesome, thank you!

Done ->

Hi Evan, can you look into my account? I added cash into my portfolio but my whole portfolio is negative. and 1 more thing I wish to highlight- I am using poems as my trading platform, however both platforms shows different numbers even though they have the same stocks & quantity. How is that so?

Second thing noticed, my portfolio yield portion became 0% when I added the cash.


Hi Shengyu,

I checked. I think your account have negative current cash balance. You would need to adjust your cash balance to be similar to your accounts ->