Can I manage multiple portfolios within StocksCafe? How?

I use several brokers and manage portfolio for my wife as well. I am wondering if it is possible to manage multiple portfolio in StocksCafe?

Yes you can. In your ‘Portfolio’ tab, There is a blue drop-down button on the top right hand side. I believe it should say ‘Default’ for you (ie Default Portfolio). There is an 'Add/Edit Portfolio" option in it. After you add portfolios, you can select to view ‘All’ portfolios (which i do) or specific portfolios. hope this helps

Yes, you can manage multiple portfolios within StocksCafe and it is very simple.

  1. Go to

  2. Add new portfolio or edit existing portfolio names

  3. Make sure that you select the correct portfolio as you add new transactions

Tip: You can also change the portfolio for existing transaction here

Hi, coming back to this topic.
understand there is “All” portfolio
i created a personal cash portfolio and personal cpf portfolio
i also created wife’s cash and cpf portfolio.
total there is 5 portfolio.

But if i want to see only personal net worth or personal’s profit and loss (both cash and cpf under 1 portfolio), how can it be done or do i have to manually add/subtract?


Hi Whizzer,

Unfortunately, it is not possible yet. There is however, a similar request made previously =>

I am definitely going to try to make this work somehow again (previously tried once but failed because was too greedy)