Cannot Login via hp app


i can login via laptop however i cant login via my hp app, how come so strange, please see the screenshot error msg…

please advise

Hi there,

Mobile app is now deprecated → Goodbye Mobile App – StocksCafe Blog

Please use Mobile Web Browser instead.


Hi evans! Any plan for mobile app in future?

Curious on why the mobile app was removed :slight_smile:

Hi there!

This post will give you an answer :slight_smile:

Yes and no. We will certainly consider submitted the mobile app to Apple and Google in future again. The reason why we do not want to do it now is that we are very actively developing the mobile web (which is the same as mobile app in terms of code) hence it is tedious to keep submitting to Apple and Google regularly.

However, Apple is very strict on their requirements and the one that we really dun like is the 30% Apple tax. They might not even allow StocksCafe app to be there unless we pay them 30% cut for our subscriptions :frowning:


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Thanks Evan for the update :slight_smile:

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