Capital Cost of Portfolio Varies with new FX rates

I noticed that the Cost of our Portfolio is no longer included in our daily emails update. Any reason for this?

Also in the login site, the Cost of Capital changes daily as my portfolio includes HK stock. This distorts the actual cost that I have paid for my holdings as this variable cost is dependent on the exising fx rate. And not the actual cost back when i paid for my shares. Not sure if this is a valid interpretation . Pls advise. Thank you.

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Let me look into the code carefully tonight to ensure I am giving the most update and correct information.

Yes, this is not inside in order to simplify the email more.

At this point, if you prefer to hold cost constant. The direct approach would be to enter the pricing directly in SGD (I am assuming that is your base currency).

Going forward, I do agree that this FX thingy need to be improved. Many users have independently highlighted this issue.

At this point, I intend to do the follow two things.

  1. Allow users to add transactions in multiple currencies. That is one can enter a HKD transaction with HKD and also the converted SGD. This would enable the locking of FX rate.

  2. We need to do the same for dividends.

Let me know if there are other things I need to consider.

Another anomaly would be how the latest Total Portfolio value doesnt tally with the Daily Change value added to yesterday"s Total Portfolio. Again I am not sure if its due to the different fx rates but that should also not be the case as the values should have been calculated simultaneously. An illustration below

Thurs 26/03

Total Portfolio = S$100 000

Friday 27/03

Day change = S$ 4000 ( inclusion of StocksCafe auto conversion rate of HKD stocks nett HKD change into SGD)
Total Portfolio = S$ 103 000 ( should be S$104 000 )

This discrepancy is on a daily basis and I am not sure why isnt Todays Total Portfolio = Yesterdays Total Portfolio + Todays Day Change ? I suspect maybe something do do with the FX rate despite the Day Change value already being converted into SGD for my HK stock value changes.

Pls look into this as well. Cheers


I can understand why that could happen due to FX.

Day change and Total Portfolio are converted to SGD are based on today’s rate for every email.

So, in your example, it is possible that 26 March total portfolio would drop to S$99,000 instead of S$100,000 using 27 March rates.

I cannot think of a good way to better display/share such information clearly except to maybe should the original currency value as well.

What do you think?


ok. more importantly I just wanted to confirm if it was any error input on my end. and now that you have confirmed its just the intricacies of the auto computation then i will just make a mental note of it. Thnks for looking into it Evan.

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