CapLand Ascott T Financials from Morningstar (SGX:HMN) - StocksCafe

Some data seem missing:

NAV / Share not available before 2015.

Not available before 2020
Dividend Per Share
Book / Price
Price / Earnings
Earnings / Price (%)
Current Dividend Yield

Return On Equity not available after 2020
Return On Assets not available after 2020

This is because HMN changed ticker in 2020? →

some data available but some data missing.
could the change of ticker be reason for this?

Yes, it is because those data missing are mostly due to price info missing. Do you remember the ticker of HMN before 2020?

yes. it was A68U.

Thanks. Think need to somehow stitch the two pricing data together to fill in the blank although it can be really tricky because I remember it is not a simple ticker change (i.e. there were some merging or aquisition etc).