Cash is not reflected

I noticed after selling my shares, my cash is not reflected anywhere.can someone advise me where to find it if there is?

Not sure what you mean.

Did you mean that after selling (and you checking “Add to Cash Transactions” box) here but you do not see the cash transactions being reflected?

or did you mean you do not see the cash balance feature? => Find “Display Cash Balance” here

The former.

I see. I think this is confusing. I need to make CashBalance clearer.

Anyway, I have turn it on for you

Please check =>


Thanks Evan!
Any reason why we need to check cash transaction in order for it to be reflected in the portfolio? I thought that this should be automatic as the cash from the sales of a stock will become my asset in cash.

Actually, that is a good point!

Main reason was because it was a feature added later and I thought to give user the option to not use it if they do not want to (which is why it was not showing up for you automatically as well).

Anyway, the checkbox is automatically checked for you right?

now there is no more checkbox for the cash transaction?

No. There should be a cash transaction checkbox. Do you not see it?

i dun see it. i only see scrip checkbox.

Ah… You need to check the “Display Cash Balance” box in the setting here =>

ps: Did it for you :slight_smile:

oh ok thx.

Hi, just started importing my past stock transactions. And checked “Display Cash Balance” in preferences. Now I see my cash balance formed from past dividend. How do I adjust cash to make it up to date with my actual cash amount? Thanks.

The approach I use is simply add a deposit or withdraw cash transaction to balance them up.

Note: It would still go off sync after a while by a bit depending on your stock broker due to interest on not traded cash or other fees etc.