Cash Transactions


I am new, and i would like to know how do I use the cash transaction function in portfolio?

Sorry for the late reply.

Personally, I use it to track the cash balance I have in my various trading platform/account without having to login to them 1 by 1.

Also, it can be used to see your total invest-able assets (i.e. current portfolio value + cash holdings)

Hi Evan,

Sorry if this is a silly question. This has always been on the back of my mind for many years. On the same topic of Cash Transactions, do you ‘tick’ the “Add to Cash Transaction” when you purchase a stock?

I realized my Cash Transaction consists of payout from dividends and when I sell my shares but initially I didn’t ‘tick’ the option when i purchase the shares. Not sure if this is the correct or intended use of cash transaction function. Would like to hear your thoughts on it.

Thank you

Hi BingSheng,

There have been several questions around Cash Transactions/Balance recently. I think I should do a better job of both explaining and designing this feature.

The original two intentions for Cash Balance feature

  1. Track the cash balance I have in my various trading platform/account without having to login to them 1 by 1.

  2. To see your total invest-able assets (i.e. current portfolio value + cash holdings)

Based on the above intentions, yes, you should always check “Add to Cash Transaction” whenever you buy or sell a stock. (In this case, maybe I should set it default to checked)

You are right. This is because I assumed that dividends will always be sent to your “portfolio” as cash whenever it is being given out.
Actually, this assumption is wrong if you are like me having a CDP portfolio since the dividends are sent to your bank account directly and not to some holding account.

I will be redesigning/improving cash balance feature soon. Please continue to ask questions and give feedback so that Cash Balance 2.0 will be better designed.



Hi Evan,

how do i create the cash balance in my portfolio?


You can turn it on here =>

I started using Stockcafe since early Jan18, so imported all stock holdings as purchases, no cash imported. Then i started my sale/purchases from there. I do want to reflect cash as portfolio after my sales, otherwise the % invested in each stock is over-stated (if I were to do many sell transactions).

What is the suggestion for my situation?

  1. Should I go back and select “add to cash” for each subsequent purchase/sale after the initial import of stocks?

Or 2) I just “add current available cash” at today’s date to capture the correct total portfolio (stocks+cash) and move on from here onwards?

Many thanks.


I think both way works. The second option would have less work for you. But the first option would let you have more accurate cash transaction history but StocksCafe are not doing anything with the cash transaction history (at least not yet) apart from displaying it.


Hi, I just joined. Sorry I dont understand. Ive input all my shares and the price ive purchased.
I also have cash in my account. How do I input the cash I have?

Hi there,

Have you seen this? → What is Cash Balance and How to Use It - StocksCafe Academy

You can go here and input cash transactions to “match” it with what you have → Add Cash Transaction


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HI Evan Koh,

Notice by today we only can add cash tansaction without decimal point, previously can enter up to 2 decimal point. Please help rectify. Thanks

Ah… thanks for reporting. I should have fixed it. Please verify.

Should I also add to cash transaction on the money deposited to brokers account?

Yes, you should else Cash Balance would always be negative.

Hi Evan,

Glad to hear you are working on Cash Balance.

Would be great if we can track the balances for various currencies separately and a running balance after each transaction rather than just at the end.