CC:LUNA-USD pricing error

Hi Evan,
The LUNA-USD price is showing 0.005. Please can you check? Thanks!

Hi Evan - yes I agree. It was the second night that the price is $0.00X instead of $10X.00 for LUNA.

Do you know why?

Hi there,

Yes, upstream suddenly changed LUNA-USD.CC to LUNA1-USD.CC
I am also affected as I also have Terra :frowning:

LUNA-USD.CC is now Luna Coin
LUNA1-USD.CC is now Terra

  1. Change all your transactions from CC:LUNA-USD to CC:LUNA1-USD

  2. Wait for me for a few days. I am trying to migrate upstream to CoinGecko. I am creating a β€œnew” supported exchange called CG (CoinGecko) and will simply follow CoinGecko convention to make it easier and more standardized.


Thanks Evan, will update the transactions from LUNA to LUNA1.

Does the migration mean we will need to change all prior crypto transactions to the new CG exchange?

I will do a few things when that happen

  1. StocksCafe will continue to support both for a while though I would recommend using CG assuming it is better

  2. As long as users give me a matching mapping between CC and CG, I will do auto migration of those.

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