Hi Evan,

I noticed that NANO coin has been reflected as inactive since 4 Mar 2022. Is there a reason why it is inactive?


Hi there,

Data are coming from upstream and they sometimes break up.

Is the data at least correct till 4 March 2022? →

I can email upstream if it is still an active CC.


Hi Evan,

Thanks and yes it seems accurate. It probably got stopped midway through 4 Mar.

Okay. I just emailed upstream about it. Will update again.


Upstream is saying NANO is not trading anymore? → NANO (NANO) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, NANO to USD Calculator |


nano ticker is now XNO… but not to be confused with XENO token which is also XNO

Not sure if your upstream has this new nano XNO-USD

Okay. Thanks. Let me email upstream about it.

Done →

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