Changing from GRAF to VLDR

GRAF has changed to VLDR. Can advise what will be done to our portfolio? Will you change at the back end?

You mean USX:GRAF changed to USX:VLDR?

I would prefer not to do it on the backend just for this because it can get real messy over time.

One easy way would be to use this -> with the following settings.

Symbol (Old) = USX:GRAF
Symbol (New) = USX:VLDR
Stock Split Ratio (Old) = 1
Stock Split Ratio (New) = 1

I believe this could work. But I can’t key in a valid new symbol. I keyed in USX:VLDR but it kept coming back with an error message saying “XUSX:VLDR is invalid”. Where did the extra X come from?

Ah… XUSX is the internal representation of USX. I will fix it in the next release.

The real reason is that USX:VLDR is not available in StocksCafe yet. I have emailed upstream about this issue.

Upstream just fixed the EOD.