Cheapest brokerage fee to trade US ETFs (e.g. QQQ, VUG, SPY)

I am keen to invest few hundreds on monthly basis (DCA approach) on US ETFs (e.g. QQQ, VUG, SPY). May I know which brokerage, platform that offer lowest brokerage fee in Singapore?


Hi there,

If you are not doing options, I would recommend to use either StandardChartered or Tiger.

  1. StandardChartered

I use StandChart for SG, HK and US stocks that I tend to keep for longer term.

I would recommend StandChart if you have or will have at least SGD200K with them (can be stocks, cash or other stuff) because that way you will be priority customer. Then they will be no min fees with 0.2% for US markets.

Also, when you are priority customer, you can open wealth lending facilities where you can pledge your stocks to borrow money from them at attractive rates (0.88 to 2% depending on the currency and of course current interest rate).

There are referral programs for StandChart Priority where you and I would get something. Let me know if you need someone to refer you :slight_smile:

  1. Tiger

I am also using Tiger for US stocks that I intent to keep for shorter term.
The fees are really cheap by per shares. So, I usually pay around USD1.99 per trade.

What I really like about Tiger is the UI/UX of their app. Try it out and I bet that you will love it.

StocksCafe have collaboration with Tiger and if you sign up with Tiger via StocksCafe, I would immediately give you 3 months Global Friend of StocksCafe and as you trade will continue to award you with more and potentially you will never have to pay for StocksCafe subscription anymore.

  1. IBKR and TD Ameritrade

I also started experimenting with these two brokerage because Tiger fees is expensive (relative to them) when it comes to option trading. Also, Tiger cannot really support API access.

But of course, these brokerages have their weakness too. For example, IBKR and TD UI/UX is really not good compared to Tiger. Also, IBKR charges you for data that Tiger gives for free. And TD charges USD25 for withdrawing money and TD signup process was so painful.

So, I would only recommend checking out these two brokerages if you are into options and/or you want to automate your trading with API.


Hi Evan,

I am thinking of signing up with IKBR. Does Stockscafe have a collaboration with IKBR. Can you send me the link please. thanks

Hi Petra,

Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry. We do not have collaboration with IBKR. I tried to reached out to them but could not work out a deal that would be beneficial to StocksCafe users.
(The only affiliate program they had was simply sending them traffic which would be beneficial to StocksCafe but I would have no way to give the credits back to users)

So, please go ahead and sign up with IBKR if you prefer.
Personally, after trying both IBKR and TD, I like TD more though :slight_smile:
And no, I am not saying because I have collab with TD, I do not as well :frowning: