Closing price wrong for 09/04/21

Hi Evan,

There seems to be be wrong closing price again for 3 of the Spacs counters in my portfolio whilst some of the others are correct. The 3 counters are EOD, SRNGU and RTPYU. I had the same problem as you may know with BTWN yesterday. Some prices are correct whilst some are incorrect. Am wondering why is this happening only with the SPAC counters and not the rest of the normal counters as I never had this problem before until i started buying some SPACs a week back. Also usually if there is some inaccurate closing price it will be across the whole exchange and not a couple of counters.

Somehow later in the day i checked again and the prices are all correct aldy. Could it be some prices are updated only much later whilst some are updated earlier on?

Yes, I am trying to work with upstream about this.

Although I requested for End of Day data from them, they would return me the mid-day data if the end of day data is not available yet.

So, ideally, upstream should fix this. At this point, on our side, what we can do is either

  1. Delay updating the end of day data so that the data will likely be updated. (However, this would also means that daily market update emails would also be delayed.)

  2. Status quo. We send the email as soon as possible.

In any case, I am actively looking into this and hopefully can find a good solution together with upstream.

Actually I would prefer either all not updated or all updated. If its all not updated at least we know the performance returns we see then does not reflect the US closed price.

The emails sent out is usually abt 7 -8 pm Sg time so there is no problem with the updated US previous session . So I do not quite get what you mean abt the timings of the emails as there would aldy be more than a 12 hr lapse after the close of the US last session. The updates with the email is all good currently. Its the mornings eg 7 am Sg time when I login to stockscafe and check my portfolio that I see the issue of incorrect US closing prices of my SPACs. Cheers.

Hi there,

Actually, there is another set of emails sent in the morning as well (for USX/LSE) if you want.

So, that is usually around 8-9am. If we are to wait for all EOD to be available, it would easily be delayed till 11am or later.

Also, if I delay the update, you would not be able to see any data at 7am. A few solutions we can consider.

  1. Status Quo. Earlier data update but a small percentage will be mid-day data instead of EOD. Though they will be auto-correct later in the day as you have observed because I do multiple updates a day (as I did noticed this issue already :frowning:)

  2. Only update when quite sure it is EOD. At least 2-3 hours delay in showing any data but data displayed will be more correct.

  3. Completely ditch current upstream (which we just switched to in Feb thinking they are better but apparently not) and continue our search for a better upstream provider.

I would propose a hybrid of 1 and 2. I actually am still paying my previous provider for US and LSE data. I will find a way to merge them (e.g. cross-checking).


actually I would prefer Option 2 as at least theres consistency.That way if i do need to check my porfolio returns early morning for the day before at least I know its totally only for the Asian mkts yesterday and not a mixture of some updated prices from the US mkts as well. Which can be confusing. Having it early is not a priority for me. That would be my choice. Cheers.

Make sense too. I will think harder about this.

@elmertan39 Some updates: I have added checks to prevent mid-day data from being stored. So, either you should see the correct EOD data or the EOD not updated yet.

Please let me know if you see anything that slipped past.

Cool. Thks Evan