Columns appear very wide

Not too sure if it’s a bug, but the columns seed to wide compared to previously and that wasn’t the case last month.

Hmmm… Seems like because you have chosen little columns to display? Also, do you have a wide screen? Recently, I made it stretch more for wide screens (as other users complain not making use of their wide screens).

hahha, no wonder. ic. Yeah I choose lesser columns and yes! I have a wide screen.

I am ok with the look , but usually I will do a snippet and post it on my blog for monthly portfolio update. So it will look very strange. Anyways you can fix it?
If not, I will use my laptop to take snippet. Coz my laptop screen looks ok and not wide.

There are no easy solutions.

  1. Limit the columns size. This will mean that it will be smaller than your screen which would look weird and also it is not easy to find the correct size limit.

  2. Limit your screen size/resolution. Another way is for you to change your screen resolution which is likely something not great.

So, I think use your laptop is the easiest solution.