Combined portfolio P&L error displayed in both portfolio and portfolio V2

Hi Evan,

1)There’s a P&L error in portfolio for total current P&L for all portfolios selected. it does not add up correctly. Individually it adds up correctly.

2)There’s a current P&L error in portfolio V2 with the total current P&L for 2 selected portfolios. E.g. portfolio V2 beta displays negative P&L for 2 selected portfolios while displaying positive individual P&L for the two portfolios.

Pls disregard this if these issues have been reported, thanks!

Hi Kendo,

I am not sure how I missed this :frowning:

I wrote up a new tutorial regarding this ->
Hope that helps.

I am not seeing this on my side. Let me pm you so that you can give me more details.


Hi Evan,

You have already resolved this.


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