Coupon Tracking for SSB bonds under Other Assets

Hi Evan,

May I know how come it the transactions function under the Other Assets shows a $178740 profit when I am suppose to have only a $35.75 coupon from a SSB bond which I purchased in Jun 22? Is there a bug somewhere in the system or is it just me who did not key in to parameters properly? I’ve also attached a screenshot for your reference.

Do kindly let me know if you happen to know what is causing this issue. Thank you very much.


Hi Damon,

  1. First of all, I just wanted to let you know that you can track SSB using the main portfolio function like any other stocks listed in Exchanges →

  2. You have 5000 units of Jun 2022 SSB and because you put amount / unit as 35.75 hence it became 5000 x 35.75 = 178750 :slight_smile:
    Simply change amount / unit to 0.00715 then the amount would be correct.