Covid portfolio strategy

Hi everyone,
I’m new here. Saw some interesting old threads here and thought I’ll kick start a new one to see how’s everyone doing. I wonder if you have a specific outlook or strategy for the next year or so? Considering that the US is chronically imploding with their virus management and that Singapore’s economy’s recovery may also be slow since we’re so dependent on the global market? Are most people here going to keep calm and carry on?

Personally I’ll be looking to sweep up more local bank stocks but will DCA down if it continues sliding as I would like to build a long-term dividend-paying portfolio for the local market. I’m also looking to add to Mapletree Logistics and Keppel DC REITs, as I believe ecommerce will continue to do well in this economy. Will also pick up some Apple stock when they do their stock split, and will keep a look out for tech stocks that will be resilient this economic climate.

I’m new to building my portfolio, slightly worried about entering the market this time, but am DCA-ing what I have so I hope it’ll mitigate some of the risk. Also I’m curious to see what happens in the long-term (5-10 years) if I invest an a world ETF (SWRD) at this point where it is not clear whether it is going to be a chronic downslide or not. I know the market historically recovers eventually, unless you’re Japanese or exited the market at the wrong timing, but maybe this is the first time in recent history that nobody knows how long it is going to take to eradicate the virus enough that travel can be safe again.

Curious to see if any of you have specific plans!