Crowdstrike (CRWD) : Financials outdated in Stockscafe

hi Evan,

CRWD financials in Stockscafe are dated Q2FY22 while the latest ER is Q2FY23 so 1 year out dated. Please help to refresh the data. Thanks, BK :slight_smile:

CrowdStrike Financials from Morningstar (USX:CRWD) - StocksCafe

Hi BK,

The data is updated if you look at Morningstars vs StocksCafe

However, it seems like morningstars are calling the latest data Q1 2023 while I am calling it Q2 2022.

I am basing it on when the data is reported for by date. I am guessing Morningstar is using some other convention?

I am not sure which convention is better but StocksCafe version will be more consistent across different companies.
Example: Google