Crystal Balling the New Year


Any views of how the market will be like in 2019?

SG/China/US = which the best market to invest?
Oil and Gas or Reits or Banks or Property?

I am actually feeling optimistic.
I think many countries are feeling the effects of the trade war already particularly USA, China. I believe they will not aggravate it further. No further tariff will actually help to improve the outlook for the market.
Interest rate rise will probably take a breather, which is also directionally good for the market.

What do you think?

Look forward to your sharing.


I dont know if you agree, but my personal take… it will be volatile.
I anticipate one mini bull somewhere mid year, and probably chops and dips later half.

I am prepared to rebalance my portfolio based on the market’s whim and movements - I already have an idea which ones I want to let go, and where to put the monies. Hopefully, that will solidify the yields at close to 5.5% for the rocky times.


Happy New Year TS.
I sure agree with you on the increased volatility. This makes the ability to adapt and response quickly ever more important. I agree with you too 5% yield seems to be the sweet spot.
All the best and good luck!