Crystal Balling the New Year

Any views of how the market will be like in 2019?

SG/China/US = which the best market to invest?
Oil and Gas or Reits or Banks or Property?

I am actually feeling optimistic.
I think many countries are feeling the effects of the trade war already particularly USA, China. I believe they will not aggravate it further. No further tariff will actually help to improve the outlook for the market.
Interest rate rise will probably take a breather, which is also directionally good for the market.

What do you think?

Look forward to your sharing.

I dont know if you agree, but my personal take… it will be volatile.
I anticipate one mini bull somewhere mid year, and probably chops and dips later half.

I am prepared to rebalance my portfolio based on the market’s whim and movements - I already have an idea which ones I want to let go, and where to put the monies. Hopefully, that will solidify the yields at close to 5.5% for the rocky times.

Happy New Year TS.
I sure agree with you on the increased volatility. This makes the ability to adapt and response quickly ever more important. I agree with you too 5% yield seems to be the sweet spot.
All the best and good luck!

Its only March and the overall ytd trends are still going strong. I am not so used to seeing the price of my investments going up like every other day. I feel scared.

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Well, I guess … if we are regular investors, we can be happy either way. When the prices are up, we take profit on those that we feel have run ahead of their valuation (esp those that we just wanted to take a punt and get some quick wins but got stuck) and shore up our war chest and when prices collapse, we just go in and buy the good companies and keep them for a long time. For me, I learn to just stay invested no matter up or down :-):smile:

Yea I did some rebalancing, now is mainly working on building warchest, and looking at strengthening monthly incoming cash to offset expenses

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