CSWCZ wrong dividends


For ticker CSWCZ in USX market the quarterly dividend is incorrect. It should be 0.484375.


Hi there,

Can you give me a source? I just checked Nasdaq and it seems correct → https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/cswcz/dividend-history


Not sure why they show such dividend.

First dividend can be correct due to shorter period but the one paid in November should be full period. Coupon is 7.75% and par value is $25 which translate in full year dividend of $1.9375 or quarterly of $0.484375. This is the amount I got credited on my account by my broker.

Could not find a link unless you check CNBC website that shows yearly dividend cash of $1.94


I see. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I have updated the dividends → Capital Southwest Corporation Dividend Details (USX:CSWCZ) - StocksCafe

I guess it is bug from nasdaq and got propagated to my upstream.