Current P&L and Overall P&L being wrongly tabulated

My overall portfolio calculation is wrong.

I have as reported, overall P&L + dividends
-11,993.79 in HKD - this would equate to - 2079 SGD as of 25 feb 22
+13,616.42 in SGD
+8,820.62 in USD - this would equate to +11942.24 SGD as of 25 feb 22

yet, overall P&L + Div is +10,590.99 SGD , it should be +23479.

I believe the HKD portion is being calculated as SGD.

Hi David,

Thank you for reaching out.

  1. Overall P&L + Div is not really compute top down but left to right. Similar to this → How Current P&L is Calculated - StocksCafe Academy

  2. The “cause” of this is due to a mistake (I believe) FX entry in the buying of NVDIA →
    Once you fix the FX entry for this, it should be fine, I believe.

Tips: I added a FX% to your current portfolio column so that you can see potential huge FX swings.