Current P&L (+ Div) doesnt take into account my dividends from a stock (traded in Euros)

Hi Evan,

Under the overview tab, under current P&L (+ Div), it doesnt show my dividends from a stock, Cromwell Reit (EUR). This distorts the overall P&L.

However, under the stock breakdown, it includes the calculation of dividends.

overview tab

breakdown of stocks portion

Can you advise? Thanks


Thank you for reaching out.

Yes, I checked and it is weird

  1. It is actually accounted for in SGD and not EUR. If you see this link =>
    It is also stated in SGD.

  2. So, the Overall P&L is correct. Just that the Currency EUR seems “wrong” because Div = 0 but that Div is accounted in the Currency SGD.

I will continue to investigate.



I found the reason.

It is because of “Receive Dividends in SGD for all SGX-listed Stocks” in here =>

I unchecked it for you and you now have the dividends in EUR.


Thanks Evan!

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