Custom Asset - Dividend entry feature request + bug report

Entering shares as Custom Asset works quite well now, with intuitive menu choices. I still have a suggestion for an UI improvement when adding dividends for Custom Assets.

Feature request

Portfolio → Dividends → Due/Paid → Add Collected Dividend
We now start to fill in the form for adding a dividend to a Customized Asset

After selecting the CA:XXXX ticker in StockCode window, it would be very helpful when the system fills in the number of held shares in the Shares field. It would also be helpful to add the correct Currency (almost always the same as the Currency in which the price of the CA is kept) in the Currency field.

StockCafe already knows both data fields. Time will be saved and errors will be avoided by presenting them automatically in stead of asking for manual input.

Bug report

Portfolio → Custom Assets → [select a custom asset that has at least 1 dividend already] → Dividend
The Summary tab shows: 2023 (Projected) Dividend Amount 0

However, I did enter a dividend amount for 2023 already. When I click on either Details or Override, I correctly see this dividend. It seems that the Summary is not compiled correctly for Customs Asset dividends.

I have been thinking about this. The correct solution might be to do away with this completely in future since I should be able to compute the number of shares held at any given date.

This is straightforward.

Let me look into this and get back to you.


  1. You should use the “Add System-Wide Dividend” on the Stock page of the Custom Assets. This will put in default currency and also do not need to enter shares.

  2. I also fixed the issue with projected dividend summary.

Thanks! I saw it. This will save time and errors.

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