Custom Asset, Transaction Fee & Prices

Dear Evan,

I have entered two transactions with the correct prices and zero fees. However, the transaction history shows that the prices are almost zero and the fees are almost equal to the traded value.

I could not figure out the reason for this discrepancy.

Could you please help me identify where I made a mistake? Thank you for your assistance

I understand the issue. It is due to JPY vs USD. Your transactions is in USD but somehow the current value of the asset is in JPY. So, it thought it is worth just JPY 0.8767 instead of USD 0.8767.

I am thinking why that happened. Will let you know once I have a fix for this.


Checked a bit. Not sure why that happened. But anyway, I have change the current value currency to USD. You should see the values correct now. Thanks!

Dear Evan, Thank you for the help

I remember I had selected JPY as the currency, which is the default, then corrected to USD. This might have something to do with the phenomenon.

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