Custom Asset

Hi Evan,
Is it possible to edit/delete a symbol created in Custom Asset?

You have to go to, look for custom assets tab. Click on the shortname of the symbol that you want to edit/delete.

Only can do it on mobile view but not on desktop view based on my understanding.

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Thanks very much @WEESTOCK !
I was clicking on the symbol & not the shortname to try to edit/delete earlier. Didn’t think of clicking on the shortname hahaha…

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@rinacheng Maybe I should be adding a edit/delete icon on the right to be clearer.

That will be great, @evankoh.
Another question on this - I am able to edit all the fields except the symbol field. Any reason why this field is not editable?

Hmm… In theory, I can make that editable too. I made it not editable for two reasons.

  1. Many other tables (places that I store information about the Custom Assets) uses this as a key identifier hence need more care if I were to allow it to change. That said, it just need more care. Does not mean not possible.

  2. It is meant to mimic any other stock where symbol do not change :slight_smile:

Of course, if many users are bothered by that, I can spend some time to make it editable.

Makes sense, @evankoh.
Not bothered by it, just trying to understand how it works :slight_smile:

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Done. Added a pencil icon on the right on v3.1.88

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Hi Evan, is Current Value in Other Assets reflected as TValue in Custom Assets when I use the migration tool? For 1 of my Other Asset there is an amount in TValue after the migration. The Other Assets that were migrated had 0 in TValue after the migration. For advice please. Thanks!

Hi there,

Can you pm me with the details such as the specific Other Assets/Custom Assets name and symbol so that I can better understand what you meant.