Daily email update not working

Hi Evan, the daily email updates that are usually sent at the end of each trading day is not working. I have set it to send daily and the feature is enabled. I saw some similar threads from the past and I have the same settings as indicated in your replies to them.

Thank you!


Apologies for the issue. I just checked and it seems like my side did send the email out (at least based on my logs).

In this case, the issue is likely on delivery.

  1. Is it in your spam?

  2. I will check my email service provider. Sometimes, it might be that they think that you want to unsubscribe from me because you had previously click on some unsubscribe links in the email.
    Will update again on this.


Okay. I check my email provider. Seems like somehow they deemed your email to be invalid. I have rectify it (or at least I think I did).

Let’s continue to monitor. Please let me know if you did not receive daily emails from StocksCafe today later.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the prompt reply! Yeah it’s not in my spam either, but right after you sent this I see it again in my inbox. Will continue to monitor.

Thanks again!

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