Dashboard - “Realized P&L” / Breakdown

I would like to know how to verify the annual “Realized P&L” that appears on the Dashboard page (StocksCafe). I checked the “Closed Positions” page (Closed Positions), but I could not calculate the total profit or loss because the transactions were in different currencies. The same problem occurs with the dividends, as the amounts shown on the “Dividends”/“Due/Paid” page (https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/collected) are also in different currencies. I appreciate your ongoing support.

Hi John,

Might not be super useful. The number should tally the Report page’s “Realized” column under the “Profit & Loss” table.

Are you suggesting to have another column in base currency so that user can try to sum them up if they wanted to?

Likewise, you are suggesting to have another column in base currency for user to sum up the numbers themselves?


Dear Evan,

I apologize for the delayed response. I was having trouble accessing the Report Page. I looked at the “Realized” column in the “Profit & Loss” table, but I think it would be better to add another column in the base currency. This way, we can easily calculate the total amount for both Closed Positions and Dividends.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Sorry, I do not understand what you meant here. The “realized” column in the “Profile & Loss” table in the report page should already be in the base currency of the user?

I meant that it is better to have another column in base currency for Closed Positions as well as Collected dividends - StocksCafe to review the breakdown of what shown in Profit & Loss table on https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/report.

Now I just noticed “2023” on Profit & Loss table on https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/report is clickable. Does the linked page provide the breakdown? Please let me ask this because I cannot access the page.

  1. Additional Column - I agree that it would be useful. The challenge would be how to “squeeze” that in as it is already quite packed.

  2. Yes, that would give you a detailed breakdown and maybe that is the solution to point 1. I am more willing to pack more numbers there as it is meant to give detailed breakdown.