Delete dividends bug when got more than one portfolios

Hi Evan

I have several portfolios as it includes my family’s portfolios.
I have Mapletree Logistics Trust dividends with payout in 19 Dec 2023. I have four portfolios with this stock. I went into my portfolio (i.e. “FC”) and deleted my Mapletree Logistics Trust dividends .

The bug is that it deleted other three portfolios Mapletree Logistics Trust Dividends. I want to keep them as i went for partial scrip dividends (i.e. mix of cash and stocks). hence, some portfolios still retain this stock’s dividends.

I see. Hmm… let me take a look

Hi there,

Yes, you are right. It somehow deletes for all portfolio(s) which seems wrong. Anyway, I have made some changes. Please try again.

However, I think the correct approach should not be deleting the dividends but simply mark it as scrip because technically you received the dividends in full, just that you choose to use part of it to buy back the same stock (at a discount) => How to Handle Scrip Dividends - StocksCafe Academy

By deleting it (and I assume you “buy” the stock at cost 0?), you are actually “changing” the dividend yield of that stock for that portfolio and also skewed the real cost of the stock since it is money you would otherwise have in hand (and can buy other stocks).