Discrepancy between projected and current cost

  1. Go to https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/report
  2. Look at the column “Proj Avg Cost” for the row “2024 (Estimated till end Dec)”

The expected result is that the value of “Proj Avg Cost” should match the value of “Current Cost” on StocksCafe.

However, the actual result is that the value of “Proj Avg Cost” is much lower than the value of “Current Cost”. It is only about half of it. This seems incorrect.

Let me take a look at this tomorrow. Will update again.

Hi @sgx234

Thank you for reporting. I found the cause and have fixed it. Please verify.


Thank you. I have reviewed the two numbers and found that the gap between them has indeed decreased compared to before. However, there still appears to be a gap of approximately 10%.

Hmm… Okay. Let me look at it again tomorrow.

Hi there,

I took another stab at it. Can you check again?


I have verified that the two numbers match. Thank you for fixing the issue.

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