Dividend amount after tax showing zero for positions with fractional shares


I have noticed that in my positions which contains fractional shares, the dividend amount it calculates is 0 whereas for my position where i hold a full share it shows the dividend amount even after deducted with the tax rate.

For example my QYLD and O holding with fractional shares showing zero dividend where as in the next picture my AAPL holding with a full share despite having lower dividend than the others showing the amount

Hi there,

I checked. It is like because of your settings of Min Commission = 15 → https://stocks.cafe/user/toupdatedividendspreferences

Dividends Received = “Dividends PaidOut” - Maximum(“Dividends PaidOut x Tax Rate / 100”, “Min Commission”)

This means that if your dividends is less than 15 USD, it will be set to zero.


But why does the Apple one from the second screenshot shows the dividend amount despite being less than 15 Dollars it’s also the USX counter as the other ones so it should have the same tax rate. Unless I am mistaking something

Maximum(“Dividends PaidOut x Tax Rate / 100”, “Min Commission”)

One part of the equation is the above. It basically means that if the tax amount that you are paying is >15 USD, then it will use that instead of the USD15.

Ooh okay I misunderstood your answers, okay I understand now and fixed the problem. Thanks!

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