Dividend data not displayed in same currency under Financial tab?

This is from HKEX:303 - VTech Holdings Ltd
This data indicated it is in USD but i check the displayed row for dividend per share vs the dividend tab, it does not tally.

I am guessing the figure in the Financial tab is converted to HKD already but other financial data are in USD ?

Thanks for reporting. Let me check.

Thanks for reporting. I have updated it. Please verify. Thanks!

ps: Cause is as you suspected. It was using HKD instead of USD.

Hi Evan

It seems to be correct now for VTech 303

Btw i do notice that alot other counters that has dividend in different currency as the traded currency seems to have this issue.

ICBC 1398
CCB 939
Shimao Group 813

Hi Robin,

Weird. It is fixed in a way not just for 303 nor DividendPerShare but for all metrics in Financial tab to consider currency which means other metrics and stocks should be fine too (assuming I implemented things correctly).

I did take a look at the mentioned 3 stocks and at least the dividend per share seems fine to me.

Please give me more details as to what was the error/issue that you spotted so that I can more easily debug and fix it.


Hi Evan

Apologies for the confusion, the current dividend per share display is correct according to exchange rate.

Because I view dividend against financial data using the below format.
Dividend paid in the year should be match against the previous year of Financial Data
Dividend paid in 2020 is matched against Financial Data in 2019

Stockcafe current display format is using Dividend paid against the same year Financial Data, which is the common display format.

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Yes, you are right. SC is using the ExDate to allocate the dividends to the period.

Not able to used earned period to allocate the dividends as those are not available to StocksCafe.