Dividend-in-Specie (Tencent / Meituan)

Tencent announced that it would declare a special interim dividend of 958 million Meituan Class B ordinary shares held by Tencent to shareholders in kind based on the benchmark that one Meituan Class B ordinary share would be issued to every 10 shares held by qualified shareholders. The distribution registration date is January 4, 2023 (today), and the ex right will be carried out on January 5. The distributed Meituan shares will arrive on March 24, 2023.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for proposing this event. Would you like to share how you would enter the details here to reflect this event? → StocksCafe


Proposed - Hopefully I did it correctly.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for proposing.

Based on what you proposed.

  1. ExDate = 4 Jan. But based on this line, should it be 5 Jan instead? => and the ex right will be carried out on January 5

  2. You set shares multiplier to 10, that means you would get 10 shares of Meituan for every share of Tencent but I think it is the reverse right? So, we should set the shares multiplier to 0.1 instead.

  3. The price is set to 140.2 which is the close price of 24 March. I wonder if we should choose the close price of 5 Jan instead? (Honestly, not sure which is right)

  4. Since this is “free”, we might also need to add a scrip dividend of 14.02 (assuming we choose 140.2 as price) to ensure that user are not forking out money to pay for this.

Finally, thank you for proposing this event again.


Thank you Evan

? So, do you want to make the changes or you prefer me to make the changes?

Hi Evan, i tried making changes in Event - Not sure if done right. Honestly not too intuitive to me (the proposed action after submit didn’t appear, only showing ACCEPT / IGNORE) and didn’t show what’s the proposed action anymore). I’m also not sure how to add the scrip dividend action under step 4 in your list.

Is there a tutorial page that shows step by step? Maybe this is a good example you can setup a tutorial page and we can follow for future (just a suggestion)?

Thank you.

Hi Kevin,

Yes, still new feature. Surely need some ironing :slight_smile:

Let’s do this. Let’s agree on the details first in this thread then I will add the event directly. I guess easier that way.

Official Announcement https://static.www.tencent.com/uploads/2022/11/16/b92d6f78a14cbcc512c2b48f0942dd9f.pdf

5 Jan 2023 because of this line in the official announcement → “The last day for dealing in the Shares on the Stock Exchange with
entitlements to the Distribution in Specie is expected to be 4 January 2023, Wednesday.”

24 March 2023

Shares Multipler
0.1 since every 10 shares of Tecent gives one share of Meituan

[Let’s discuss] I think we can either set it to be 140.2 which is the close of 24 March 2023 (PayDate) or 181.3 which is close of 4 Jan 2023 (day before ExDate). What do you think?

Dividend Override
[Let’s discuss] Since we are not really using cash to fund this buy transaction. We should also create a dividend override of price x 0.1 on ExDate.


Ex-Date 5 Jan 2023 - Agreed.
PayDate 24 Mar 2023 - Agreed.
Shares Multiplier - Agreed.
Price - I lean more on the lower 140.2 (assuming lower dividend yield, and lower MTM loss vs mkt price now of Meituan shares.
Dividend override - Agreed.

In my own manual thinking (old excel way before Stockscafe), I’d be putting below transactions:
Cash dividend of 140.2 multiply by Meituan shares we get by the ratio; and “Buy” the Meituan shares with these “cash dividend” received.

Hmm… I am opposite. I lean more to 4 Jan close because the stocks is “yours” on ExDate. It is just due to slow admin that only 24 Mar, you actually get it.

It is just like if you get 1000 USD in dividends on 4 Jan but the stock is going to pay it based on your base currency which is SGD and exchange is say USD1:SGD1 on that day hence it is valued SGD1000. And on 24 Mar, USD fell drastically to say USD1:SGD2. But you should still expect to receive SGD1000 instead of SGD500.

Hi Evan,

Tencent also distributed Jd.com shares as dividend in specie back in 2022 Jan - 1 JD.com share for every 21 Tencent share. Noticed this is not captured in the history.

I tried creating the dividend event manually but think no permission to edit. Taking $279.2 JD.com price announced price. Each share is around $13.925. Ex-date is 25th Jan 2022, Pay date is 25th Mar 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for wanting to propose a change. Can you check this post on the steps to propose a change? → Community Proposed Events – StocksCafe Blog


Sorry think I made a mistake and click submit without entering the dividend portion. Wasn’t able to amend what I edit after that.

Also, there seems to be no “desktop” version of that page.

Everytime I click that link (even using PC), I am redirected to the mobile version (with the m in the url)

Sorry. Actually, I think there is already an event for HKEX:700 with ExDate 5 Jan? → StocksCafe

Hmm…There is Meituan distribution on 5th Jan 2023, and an earlier JD.com distribution on 25th Jan 2022

Oh… You mean Tencent also gave out JD on 25 Jan 2022? Can you help me propose an event for that? Thanks.

I tried doing this on desktop and mobile interface but I can’t see any “confirmation” that the event has been created. Not sure if I am doing something wrong haha.

@kevinc As Tencent holder would you be familiar with this event?

Sorry, poor UX and lazy to work on it because I think you are the second to ever propose an event since its launch many months ago :frowning:

Anyway, I can saw it but it is stating a share multiplier of 1 JD for every 21 shares of tencent and you applied 0.05 share multipler which would be more like 1:20? but 1:21 is like 0.04761904761. Not sure it make sense to do that…

Yes I tried entering that, but it seems that it only goes up to 2 decimal places. After I click add, it rounds to 0.05.

I see. My bad. I will try to change that to accept as many decimals as possible.

Let me update you again. Thanks!