Dividend Inconsistencies [Mobile Version]

Hi Evan, I’m having different sections of the dividends page show me dividends from separate portfolios:

(1) - I am on my SGX portfolio, I have unchecked by USX and all other portfolios, and also tried switching portfolios and coming back to SGX but still the issue shows

(2) - If I click on (2), it shows me “No Current Positions”

(3) - If I click on (3), it shows me my 2022 USX dividends, which I assume is why (2) shows “No Current Positions”

(4) - If I click on (4), it shows my upcoming SGX dividends

So on the same page I’m getting data from both USX and SGX in different tables. Tried switching portfolios, logging out / logging in, but still having the issue.

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting. It might be some poor caching decisions by me.

I will investigate more and get back to you.


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Okay. I made some changes. Please ensure that you are on v3.1.20 and verify. Thanks!

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Hi Evan, seems to be working great. Thanks for the update!