Dividend Margin Account

Hi, How do I monitor those REITS or Dividend accounts which are on margin.
These accounts have dividends paid out, but less margin fees, which generate a net income.



You can do it in two ways.

  1. Override those dividends with this page → https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/override

  2. Create fees transactions that would account for margin fees → https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/transactions/update

I personally would recommend option 2 assuming that the margin fees are not directly related to the dividends.

Hi Evan,

Yes but the interest rate is a % of the total margin trade.

Your method means I have to calculate it and input it from time to time.

there is no historical track to show the previous financing charges.


Are the interests computed monthly (at least that is the case for my wealth lending facilities), if so, then you can just enter them as fees every month.

But if you are saying that statements are not provided to let you know the exact financing charges, then it would be hard to be precise. I suppose you can just do a guesstimate?

I guess I am looking for a productivity tool. If I have to add in every month, from my physical statement, then it is very unproductive.

I understand the disappointment. However, this is not a feature that is available now. Also, it would not that can be easily implemented well.

Two ways that I can think of to approach this.

  1. Try to compute the fees based on interest rate and margin but this requires StocksCafe to somehow know the interest rate (which could change regularly) and also the margin (which could also change as you borrow or return). In addition to be able to incorporate into the computation any other details such as how they handle rounding issues, if there is any fixed base charges etc.

  2. Somehow extract the information based on statements or from the institutions. There are many ways to do this but they is no one size fit all which means I would have to integrate with each institution APIs or format etc one at a time which is another costly and hard to maintain.

ps: Although I am starting to look into how to auto import transactions for IBKR and TD brokerages as they seems to have decent API for third parties to do so.