Dividend tracking for Singapore government treasury bill

Hi Evan, do we track dividends for treasury bill as well? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,

Do check out this article → How to Track T-Bills in StocksCafe? - StocksCafe Academy


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Thanks Evan. I’ve no issues adding t-bill. What I mean is that the t-bill dividends are not showing up like SSB. Is that expected?

I see. Yes, to be able to perform auto-complete, I need to have the full list of t-bills which I currently do not have :frowning:

Correct me if I’m wrong, technically there are no dividends for T-bills. You are puchasing them at a discount, and you get back the principal sum at maturity. Hence, you just need to factor in the discount into your purchase price to accurately reflect it.

Hi Evan, I noticed on the main portfolio overview page. If you have any t bills listed, the 52 Week % column shows as 0% with an empty bar.

Could it be changed to NA (like the 52W% for SSBs)? Think it makes more sense that way. Thanks!

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Make sense. Let me try to fix that.

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Done. Thank you for reporting.

looks great! thanks for the quick fix. happy holidays! :evergreen_tree: :partying_face:

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