Dividend Transaction not reflected in portfolio

Hi Evan, I was updating the bonus issue for SGX:QC7 that occured during 9th Sept (I’ve purchase the counter during July)…and one dividend was paid & rightfully received prior to the “bonus issue”

I noticed that the dividend transaction was reflected under Due/Paid of the Dividends tab but It was not reflected in the Current Portfolio. Am I missing any options I need to check?

Currently I’m unsure if the recent dividends transactions were updated & reflected correctly on the portfolio. I only noticed something was amiss for this counter as It was the first dividend payout since the purchase.

I will require your assistance/advise in how I can quickly verify & fix this.

Thank you.

Hi David,

I took a look at it → https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/transactions?label_ids=0&filter=QC7

The reason is because you “sold” the shares on 9 sep before buying them back with bonus issue.

Once you sold the shares, it will become closed position and dividends are given would then be attributed under close positions → https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/closedpositions?filter=SGX%3AQC7&label_ids=0

For this case, maybe instead of doing that, maybe you want to simply create a buy transaction of 720 shares at price 0.


ps: I am guess you used the stock split function for this? If yes, it is not really suitable for bonus share issuance.

Hi Evan,

Actually, I “manually” did the stock split before realising you have already implemented an option to choose from…

Noted; I’ll tweak based on your instruction.

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